Honeywell Thermal Printers from Printingworx

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Honeywell PM43 Thermal Printer Offered by Printingworx
PM 43
starting at $1,567
Honeywell PX4 Thermal Printers by Printingworx
starting at $2,171.25
Honeywell PX6 Thermal Printer by Printingworx
starting at $2,396.25

The printer offering includes the PM43, PX4 and PX6 series of Honeywell® thermal printers, most commonly used by distribution centers for printing barcodes and shipping label information.

While the online offering features popular printers and scanners and ease of ordering, customers requiring other brands or models should contact customer service. The company is a full service supplier of all of the system based supplies used by distribution centers across North America. This includes labels, printers, packing slips, scanners, and toner supplies.®. We are the preferred supplier for one of the largest distribution-fulfillment centers in the world, producing over a billion labels annually. We’ve been providing distribution center services, systems and supplies long enough to have learned this valuable lesson: The relationship we form with customers and our expertise are the key to our mutual success.