Check Envelopes - Double Window

You're in the right place when you need to order stock check envelopes - double window.

Instant online pricing and immediate shipping of double window check envelopes - with security tint, wet-and-seal or peel-and-seal flaps.

What is a check envelope? They actually have many purposes with the most common use is mailing checks through the USPS. You can also use to mail invoices, bills, general information, etc… There are windows cut into the face of the envelope so the sender and recipient names appear through the windows. One of the biggest advantages is a business can avoid running through a printer and avoiding costly mismatch errors. Not only that, you do not have to use printer toner or labels; and you can eliminate a step which can increase efficiency and in return save money.


We have many different styles of stock check envelopes - double window to choose from:

  • Double Window
  • Gummed
  • Self-sealed
  • Security

Ordering envelopes is easy with Printingworx. With just a few clicks, your check envelopes with two windows are ready-to-ship. Select your envelope style and see your price with our quoter on the right; and add to your cart for checkout. When you place your order before noon CST during business days, we can ship your stock envelopes out that day. As you can see, we have several stock dual window envelopes to choose from; however, if you need a style that you do not see, contact us. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

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