Check Envelopes - Double Window

check envelopes double window more info imageDouble Window Envelopes, or dual window envelopes,are great for any business that wants to save money, increase efficiency, and avoid costly mistakes. When you do not use windowed envelopes you must either hand write, or affix a label to, the envelope. Even if you pre-print your return information on the envelope, you still must add additional information onto the envelope. If you inserting checks or correspondence to many envelopes, this is a time consuming step because you must make sure you match up the envelope to the check or letter. When you move over to a dual window envelope, you eliminate those possible issues and ward off problems.

Our double window envelopes show both the return address and the recipient’s address and are in stock and ready to ship. Let us help you cut time when paying bills with companion check envelopes that look professional. Your checks fit perfectly in our quality envelopes, helping to protect your privacy, reduce mailing delays and convey a professional image.

You can mail checks; which is one of the most common uses. However, our envelopes have many other great uses. Mail invoices, payments and newsletters to clients, vendors and staff members, membership information, promotional information and much more. With double window envelopes, including self-seal envelopes for even easier mailings, you can quickly prepare and ship documents across town or around the world. Browse our complete collection of self-seal envelopes, single and double window envelopes – and choose the right solution for all of your business’s needs.

White Security Envelope
Dimensions: 3-5/8 X 8-3/4
Regular Gummed
Double Window
Guaranteed to fit your computer checks