Business Checks and Stock Envelopes Fundamentals

Businesses can mail invoices, make payments and print payroll checks using our business checks and envelopes. With single and double window envelopes, including self-seal envelopes for even easier mailings, you can quickly prepare and ship documents across town or around the world.


Let us help you cut time when paying bills with companion check envelopes that look professional. Your checks fit perfectly in our quality envelopes, helping to protect your privacy, reduce mailing delays and convey a professional image.


Traditional Laser Cut Sheet Checks:


  • Instant Online Pricing
  • Built In Security Features
  • Check Top or Bottom Designs
  • 8.5” x 11” and 14” Inch Lengths
  • Low Minimums & Volume Discounts
  • Fast 24 Hour Turnaround Time


Pressure Seal Business Checks:


  • Instant Online Pricing
  • No Need for a Separate Envelope
  • Built In Security Features
  • 8.5” x 11” Z Fold Design
  • 8.5” x 14” EZ Fold Design
  • Low Minimums & Volume Discounts
  • Fast 24 Hour Turnaround Time


Business Check Fraud Deterrent Benefits:

We understand how important the security of your check stock is. Like you, we’re familiar with business check fraud nightmares that can plague companies like yours. Printingworx offers you the built-in business check fraud deterrents that we insist on having in our own business checks such as:


  • “VOID” Pantograph
  • Watermarked Paper
  • Micro Border
  • Unique Barcode Endorsement Backer
  • Premium Business Check Stock


Double Window Envelope Information:

  • 6 Envelope Style/Size Options
  • Choose from Gummed or Self-Sealing Style
  • Blue and Black Inside Security Tint


Whether you use our cut sheet checks and envelopes together, or opt for our pressure seal product, you cannot go wrong. We guarantee quality and security are at the top of our priority list and demand that standard from every product we offer.