Laser Membership Card Templates

Printingworx® offers easy to use Laser Membership Card Templates to help either guide you through setting up your printer a little easier, or for your graphic designer to create a custom printed piece with the appropriate bleeds and cut lines for printing. We offer three off-the-shelf options for you to choose from: 1up, 2up and 3up blank stock cards per sheet. Laser membership cards are a great way to print a durable plastic card card through your laser printer on the fly.  And for those who would can't decide between custom printing or a blank, off-the-shelf laser card, we offer low quantity options of stock for you to test.  This will help you determine if it is more cost effective to go custom, or use toner to print the full sheet.

Laser Membership Card Template 1-up

Laser Membership Card Template 2-up

Laser Membership Card Template 3-up

For those who need additional help with their design project, Printingworx® provides in-house graphic designers if you want someone to your create piece from start to finish, or even make minor alterations to your current artwork. Contact us if you have additional questions about our graphic design options or templates. You can also view the artwork guidelines page, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help.

Laser Membership Card Template 1-upLaser Membership Card Template 2-up