Door Hanger Best Practices

We help you maximize your door hangers printing campaign by giving you time-tested choices that are proven results, including:

The Right Size: 4.25 x 11
The Best Material: 14pt gloss cover (coated front side or C1S)
The Most Options: Full color front with blank, black or full color back

Door hangers are ideal as delivery menus. You can use door hangers as tools for advocacy campaigns, advertising, and service and product promotion as well. Using attractive images and text will make your door hangers hard to miss. Designs can be printed on one side only or both. Add perforations if you want to include other materials, such as business cards, with your contact information. You could even do coupons for special offers and discounts.

Target Your Audience

Determine who your target audience would be. Finding out who you want to talk to in terms of your advertising is key because talking to the wrong audience would only result in loss of sales. In the case of promotional door hangers, it is important to know your audience, their location, spending power and need for your products and services. You should be able to address their needs through finding the solution to their problem through your products and services.


Create a brief and comprehensive message for your audience with a warm and inviting tone. Keep in mind that these people are stranger to you. Your door hangers needs to build rapport by showing your credibility. This is the part where you should state details about your business. Mention how long you've been offering your products and services, contact information, price lists and testimonials of happy customers you've had the chance to do business with.  


Catch their attention with your attractive designs. Feature your logo and name because this helps build your brand. Don't feel limited to the usual look. Keep your designs interesting enough for them to take time looking at your door hangers.

Special Promotions

Entice them with discount schemes of special discounts or deals. You can include a tear off coupon with expiration for them to take action quickly.