Business Card Fundamentals

business card fundamentalsBusiness Cards can be a great conversation starter – and with premium paper stock, the option to print a unique image on every card, and your choice of tactile finishes, we make it easy to stand out. 

We use high quality full color offset printing on multiple premium paper options. UV Coating will apply to both sides, on 14pt Gloss Coated Cover with color both sides, unless No UV Coating on Back is selected.

The three most popular standard business card sizes are 
U.S. Standard (2” x 3.5”)
Square (2” x 2”)
Slim (1.75” x 3.5”)

If you've got something more creative in mind, you can set custom sizes for your business cards with dimensions ranging from 2” to 4”. You can also use our free business card templates to prevent technical errors.

Business cards are used by employees at large and small businesses to give out their contact details. They are used to network, sell and distribute information about a person and company. These small pieces of paper are usually considered a crucial part of marketing materials, along with letterhead, envelopes, catalogs and other promotional materials. Since business cards are so widely used, it is important to be innovative with how they are made and distributed in order to distinguish a small business from larger competitors. You must also remain vigilant about giving them out, and encourage all your employees to do so. 

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Business Card Creating Tips:

1. Create a logo or trademark for your company before sending out promotional materials.
2. Make your business card unique.
3. Create a useful space on the back of your business card. It can be used to feature discounts, partnerships, reviews, quotes and more. 
4. Include your website, social media accounts, business or promotion twitter hashtags (#nameofbusiness), hours and a logo as well as your address, phone number and fax number. 
5. Consider creating magnetic business cards. Magnetic business cards are especially beneficial for service-related small businesses, because your number is at hand when you are needed. 

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Business Card Distribution Tips:
1. Keep your business cards in your wallet, a business-card holder, your car, your briefcase and anywhere else you can think of.
2. Place a few business cards on the community boards around town.
3. Encourage affiliate marketing by using your business cards.
4. Include your business card with all your correspondence, including letters, invoices, bill payments and more. 
5. Include your business card with all shipments.