Blank Check Stock Security Details

Our High Security, Blank Check Stock is designed for business that need to incorporate check security features for additional safety.

Check Fraud Prevention and Check Fraud Security Features

Microprinted border and endorsement lines - on the front, back or signature line of a check. The micro print is very small type in the check border and the back of the check signature line. This microprint can only be read with a magnifying glass. When a person attempts to commit check fraud by copying or scanning the check, the microprint text becomes a solid line. You bank can look at your business check and see the microprint text no longer exists. 

Simulated watermark on back are subtly printed logos or words which can be viewed at a 45 degree angle. This check fraud prevention technique is designed to defeat the person using a copier or scanner on your business check. Copiers and scanners are designed to capture images at 90 degree angles. A 45 degree angle watermark may not be reproduced by copying or scanning. You bank can review your laser check and notice the inclusion or absence of the watermark.

Pantograph – void check background in you check stock background complicates alteration and unauthorized reproduction. Our Pantograph is designed to make our blank laser check and business check difficult for the forger to alter and copy.

Void Pantograph - If your laser generated business check is photocopied the word void appears on the copied check. The face of this blank check document contains a colored background without the word Void. Once copied or scanned, the word Void appears on the fraudulent check. Unfortunately, some of the newer model copiers can now defeat the void pantograph. A knowledgeable individual can adjust a new generation copier to the specific attributes of your business check.