Fundraising Cards Design Online Options

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If you are not a graphic designer, or you really don’t have the budget to hire one, the plastic fundraising cards design online option is the solution for you. To get started, choose a layout above to start your design. You will then be directed to our pricing quoter where you will choose your card options. Once that is complete, you will click on the “Customize Order” button and that is where the design fun begins. There is a design already set on the piece as a guide, but you are now in control.  You can keep that design or choose to upload your own photos, logos, text…almost anything to create the perfect fundraiser piece.


When many think of custom designed fundraising cards, schools seem to be the first thing to come to mind. However, there are so many great ways you can utilize custom designed fundraising cards. Whether it be for a school, sports team or group, raise money with our easy to sell cards!

Here are just a few events and organizations that can benefit from our cards:

  • Fraternities and Sororities
  •  Elementary, Middle, High Schools, and Colleges
  • Community Programs
  • Charitable Causes and Organizations
  • Churches
  • Girl and Boy Scout Troops
  • All Sports and Area Youth Sports Associations
  • Academic Groups
  • Dance/Theater Classes
  • Prom


If you already have your artwork ready, try our custom fundraiser cards page. If there is a design you do not see but are interested in, please contact us and let us make that happen for you!